Selkirk’s panto cast give a capital performance

Selkirk Panto, 1992.
Selkirk Panto, 1992.
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Selkirk’s pavements were frost-covered, Dick Whittington’s streets of London were eventually paved with gold, but most strikingly, the path of Selkirk’s 1992 panto was strewn with laughter.

After an extended Christmas weekend, the Association of Selkirk Clubs and Societies provided the perfect antidote to festive lethargy with a three-day run of a higly individual version of that age-old ‘poor-boy-makes-good’ story. It was all about colour, costume and movement - and jokes so corny they would have had a big toe throbbing. Our photograph show the principal cast members of the Dick Whittington production at their dress rehearsal.

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