Red squirrel group volunteers sought

Volunteers are being sought to help the work of the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (SSRS).

The local volunteer group, Berwickshire Red Squirrel Watch, which supports the work of SSRS, hopes conservation-minded people will step forward to help at the stand they set up at agricultural shows, village fairs and other events.

The group will next be out at the Hirsel Open Day at Coldstream next Saturday, August 24.

Tweedmouth-based Elizabeth Bamford set up the group about five years ago.

It aims to help raise awareness of the native species and encourage people to control the non-native greys which threaten the reds.

She said: “Fairs, fetes and festivals provide a perfect place to collect sightings of squirrels.”

The stand includes photographs, information, a model drey, surveying and monitoring equipment and a live capture trap.

“Volunteers provide the public with information regarding red squirrel conservation.

“Many questions are asked, and yes, you could refer those asking to the conservation websites RSST, RSNE and SSRS.

“All are excellent, but nothing compares with a one-to-one chat, direct and personal.”

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact SSRS south Scotland project officer Karen Ramoo at or