Pedalling a new book

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NICK Fairweather’s light style and whimsical accounts of, for example, accidentally travelling from Edinburgh to Berwick when he became trapped on the train saying goodbye to friends, help the reader overlook the curious patchwork of this book.

The Munro-bagger cycled 1,500 miles solo around Scotland on a mountain bike in stages over four-and-a-half years, using coast roads in the 1990s and his first ‘Coasting around Scotland’ was published in 2002.

Since then the National Cycle Network has been launched and there are many new waymarked routes. He decided to go round again, much of it in the car this time, but to cycle new off-road sections and paths and some road alternatives to the more remote mountain bike sections of the original route.

And ‘Coasting’ became ‘Cycling’ in the second edition’s title (after he’d disappointed a few nautical readers in 2002).

All the text from the original book is there and chat from the second trip is in yellow boxes at the end of each chapter, and together they form a practical guide. It makes for a bit of a disjointed read, but it is nonetheless enjoyable as Mr Fairweather recounts his cycling experiences, conversations with people he meets along the way and peppers the whole with historical facts of interest in a charmingly engaging style. SG

Cycling around Scotland

Nick Fairweather

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