Ospreys are back on 
Peeblesshire screens

Footage of ospreys is once again being beamed into visitor centres at Kailzie Gardens and Glentress in Peeblesshire, writes Sally Gillespie.

It follows the loss of the female and her three chicks in the main nest earlier this summer.

Both adult birds at the ‘back-up’ site are ringed birds and they have two chicks.

Tweed Valley Osprey Project officer, Diane Bennett said: “We now have a chance to watch this family and to find out where the parents originated from, and how old they are.

“This pair of birds has been recorded in the Borders before, but it was not known that they were paired together or that they were the parents at this nest site, so it is fantastic information to find out.

“Yellow 8C (male) was photographed fishing in the Yarrow Valley around five years ago by professional photographer Angus Blackburn and we used the photograph in the new Osprey Time Flies book, along with lots of other super photographs he took.

“It is great we now know where yellow 8C is nesting and can confirm he is a successful breeding bird.

“The green-ringed bird has also previously been photographed while fishing in the Yarrow Valley by Willie McCulloch in 2008 and this photograph was donated to the Tweed Valley Osprey Project and is framed for people to see it at Kailzie Osprey and Nature Watch Centre.”