NOSTALGIA: 2007 Common Riding is wild but wonderful

Selkirk Common Riding in 2007.
Selkirk Common Riding in 2007.

Selkirk slept only briefly and lighly ahead as Souter hearts beat with eager anticipatcion of what was to come this week in 2007.

Selkirk Common Riding is a day of celebration and commemoration. And the commemoration began at 5.30am with a parade of the Ex-Soldiers Ex-Standard Bearers to the War Memorial where their Standard Bearer, Gulf veteran Adam Balmer laid a wreath of blood-red poppies.

Royal Burgh Standard Bearer was Alasdair Craig and although it stayed dry, the morning was very windy for the castings. Our photograph shows the reflective mood at the War Memorial in the early hours of Common Riding morning.

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