New app created in wildlife crime war

POLICE have launched an app allowing people to record and report offences directly to officers in their fight against wildlife crime.

The device lets people access guidelines on dos and don’ts at a crime scene, and complete an on-screen form to record the suspected wildlife crime.

Users can also attach two photographs which are automatically tagged with a GPS reference of the location.

The information is then sent to Police Scotland by email.

Borders wildlife crime liaison officer, Hannah Medley said: “This app is a great tool in raising awareness of wildlife crime.

“It provides important guidelines on how to preserve potential wildlife crime scenes.

“When reporting an incident though the app the user is given the opportunity to tag a GPS location to the report.

“This valuable information will allow wildlife crime officers to establish the exact location of the potential crime accurately and swiftly.”

The app is the brainchild of former wildlife crime education officer, Andy Turner, who was looking for a way to improve awareness, detection and reporting of wildlife crime throughout Scotland.

The app is available for iPhones only at this stage, though officers hope to roll it out to other phones in the future.

It can be downloaded free via