Making cycling available for all

THERE really will be something for everyone at this year’s Tweedlove Bike Festival.

The event, which has been taking place all this week and ends on Sunday, prides itself on making sure anyone can try cycling.

And with two new all-abilities rides, backed by the South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran), it’s hard to argue with.

The Family Ride event took place on Tuesday, and the Family Fun Day is on Sunday, the last day of the festival.

It features a Mini-Mash-Up balance-bike race for children between two and four years old who can’t yet ride a pedal cycle, and a “Mega Mash Up” for older children.

Both rides are a great opportunity for budding bikers to go head-to-head on a grass track with ramps and obstacles.

The Family Fun Day also includes a Kids Bike & Skills Jam with skills challenges and mini races for all the family. Both events are free of charge.

SEStran chairman Russell Imrie said: “SEStran is proud to sponsor Scotland’s biggest and best cycling festival. There is something for everyone interested in cycling going on during Tweedlove”.

“We want to encourage everyone to give cycling a try, so naturally SEStran is sponsoring the all-abilities events that everyone can participate in.

“The Family Fun Day will be a particularly good chance to introduce even very small children to the joy of cycling.”