Lauder animal whisperer set for visit to Ecuador

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LAUDER animal lover Judi Gunn with travel to Ecuador this year to help people and animals.

The horse whisperer, who, with others, saved the horse Lauder Lass last year, has been asked to visit the South American country to train people in communicating with their animals.

She will also help both her hosts and their animals deal with health issues.

She told TheSouthern this week: “All I wish for and know can happen is for individuals to start helping themselves.”

She assesses what chemical imbalances animals and people have and makes suggestions as to how they can rebalance their bodies by avoiding or adding certain foods.

And she says she can help with a variety of health issues from hot flushes, bloatedness, bowel issues and skin irritations to depression and alleviating anxiety in locked-in sufferers.

She explained: “It’s an instinct that seems to have proven itself. I can do it for people from photographs or via Skype, but I’m really keen to train people. It’s very simple to do and we would have a much healthier world, and the NHS and vets would be able to concentrate on the more serious issues.”

And on her blog site, she said: “We seriously need to pull together and spread the word that often what we eat, drink and breathe can initiate or trigger many illnesses, just as traumas, emotional issues or the loss of someone can trigger health issues, but discovering what is good for each individual’s chemical balance can bring us back on to a healthy track.”

“From the evidence gathered it is clear ... [some health] issues relate to the food we eat and the liquid we drink, as well as specific sugars, which is indeed one specific ingredient that an illness like cancer feeds off.

“It is also clear specific ‘negative’ experiences can trigger health issues and to return one’s chemical balance back to square one through eating and drinking the correct ingredients for your body’s individual chemical balance can alleviate these issues.”

Ms Gunn expects to visit Ecuador some time during the summer and is meanwhile helping via Skype and by mobile phone.

For more information visit helpyourselfand or email Ms Gunn on