Injury fear for garage children

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FEARS that children are putting themselves in danger by jumping between garage roofs have been raised at Selkirk Community Council.

From the public benches, Dougie Heatlie said he was not alone in being concerned about the practice of youngsters running across the roofs of the garages at the Bog Park and jumping between the gaps.

Mr Heatlie asked if the police could patrol the area, especially during the summer holidays, to deter the youngsters and community officer PC Roy Brown agreed this would be investigated.

Mr Heatlie commented: “This is a dangerous game and someone will be seriously injured or worse.”

Constable Brown reported there had been 149 incidents attended by police in the Selkirk area during June, with 13 crimes, six of which were deemed to have been solved. .

The reported offences included six incidents of vandalism and five thefts, most of which occurred over the Common Riding weekend. During the same period, there had been 15 calls alleging youth disorder, 12 relating to incidents in the town centre. PC Brown said a quantity of alcohol had been confiscated from a group of youths.

Not for the first time, the issue of mainly northbound motorists bypassing the town centre and using the Dovecot/Bleachfield Road rat-run raised its head on Monday with community councillors Ian King and Jim Gibson urging police to set up speed checks.