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Anna Craigen
Anna Craigen

I’m a wildlife fanatic ... and a technophobe. However, there is a wave of technological advancement that I will readily embrace and share.

If you have a smartphone, (iPhone or Android) are you aware of the fantastic level of technical support you can access while on a walk in the countryside these days?

You can literally have everything you ever need or want to know at your fingertips.

As I’m a fan of the odd app – I have been tasked with investigating the vast array of wildlife identification/environmental-themed resources that are available (by Wooplaw Community Woodland), and I have discovered that the list is huge!

Whether you want to look at the stars, birds, bugs, trees, plants, bats, fungi or hills, there is an app out there that will help or interest you. There are also many, many ways that you can spice up a walk and get involved in very worthwhile wildlife conservation schemes. What better way to engage and encourage our gadget-loving younger (and older) generations to get involved?

General Outdoors/Practical (free) Android Apps

Wildlife Spotting 
Android and IOS Apps

Bob Fleet of Wooplaw Community Woodlands sent me this snippet about one of his favourite wildlife apps.

He said: “I use ‘

I hope that this wee list has enlightened a few readers to the possibilities of the fantastic world of smartphone apps. Many of the free apps have been created because of the desperate need for us to monitor (survey and record) our British wildlife – you can easily join in and make your wildlife sightings count. NB: if you do spot something interesting it would be great if you could also share your discoveries with the Wildlife Information Centre (TWIC) –

I am also very keen to hear about your favourite wildlife/ countryside apps – there are so many out there, I’d love to learn about more.

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