Hospitality for homecomers

EXILES returning for the Common Riding are getting a warm welcome from the Selkirk Colonial Society.

They will proudly march behind their bright yellow banner on Common Riding morn’ and on Wednesday attended the Colour Bussin in the Victoria Halls and the overseas reception which followed.

Colonial Society secretary Ian Clapperton told The Wee Paper: “We are delighted to report that so many exiles and visitors from overseas will be in attendance at this year’s Common Riding.”

The Colonial Standard Bearer is George Thomson, who has returned from New Zealand. Born in Northern Ireland of Selkirk parents, George spent some time in Selkirk before the family moved to South Africa. His father was Colonial Standard Bearer in 1964. In 1966 the family relocated to New Zealand.

George worked in Selkirk in the 1980s, and married before returning to New Zealand. Working in the hospitality business at Piha Beach, Auckland, he has two daughters, Kim and Joelle. Eldest daughter Kim will be his Lady Busser.

The returning colonials are: Standard Bearer George Thomson, New Zealand; Lady Busser Kim Thomson, New Zealand; Jennifer and Pat O’Flaherty, Australia; Ina Swan and Chrissie Cameron, Australia; Jane Tait, Montenegro; John, Eva and Simon Graham, Canada; Jane Graham, Canada; Rene Kirk and Audrey Tompkins, Canada; Clayton Schavrda and T. J. Horne, US; Brian and Ann Slater, France; Jessie Camerer, US; David and Barbara Linton, Canada; Brian Muir and Jane Ruddy, Australia; Judith, Ryan, Sofia and Gabriella Dias, United Arab Emirates; Yvonne Patterson, US; Lynne Hammerton, US; Kenny Thomson, New Zealand; Brian and Carole Leiper, Australia and Dorothy Bjorklund, Sweden.

The society has also welcomed Judith Stroh-Wenman and her husband from England. This is the 100th anniversary of her grandfather R. H. Stroh casting the flag as Royal Burgh Standard Bearer.