First Tweed Valley chick satellite tagged

Last week a female chick became the first Borders osprey in the Tweed Valley to be tagged with a GPS satellite transmitter.

Highland Foundation for Wildlife’s Roy Dennis and Forestry Commission Scotland’s Dave Anderson fitted the specialised tracking gear onto the chick in the back-up nest, from which footage is beamed into visitor centres at Glentress and Kailzie.

Tweed Valley Ospreys Project officer, Diane Bennett said: “The most amazing information has been sent back from the transmitter, that she has made a maiden flight trip to check out the River Tweed.

“It will be so fascinating to follow her journey and to find out, for the first time ever, exactly where an osprey from Tweed Valley goes to on her migration and the route that she takes.

Diane added: “We will find out where she stops over for breaks and fishing trips and how long it takes for her to reach her over-wintering destination.”

The bird’s movements are being sent to Mr Dennis, regarded as the UK’s leading authority on ospreys.

And he posts the findings on his website (, which also details all other satellite-tagged birds currently being monitored, including a Golden Eagle named Roxy, originally from Galloway, but who has ranged in territory in the Borders for the past few years.

The Tweed Valley chicks, who have fledged, were also ringed.