Drew’s 200-mile trek for his late dad Peter

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Lindean’s Drew Baker walked the challenging West Highland Way – and turned round and walked right back again, despite suffering from sore knees and ankles.

What’s more, he completed the two 96-mile hikes in just five days in memory of his dad, Peter. The hiker decided on the challenge to raise money for MND Scotland and awareness of the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) which robbed him of his farmer father two years ago.

Drew told us: “I chose the West Highland Way because my dad did it with no use of his arms and limited use of his legs, and doing the walk that we (family) all did with him three years ago made it feel like he was on the walk with me.”

With help from his mum Bernie and girlfriend Sara Riccio, Drew has raised £2,000 for the charity so far.

“The high point was that I made Fort William – 96 miles – in two-and-a-half days when most people do it one way in six days.”

The low point was day four when his painfully-swollen knees and ankles were worse: “So I put them in a stream to get the swelling down and then just took plenty of painkillers, strapped up, put on some music and cracked on, having to go backwards down most hills because my knees were so sore. It was good to push myself, though,” said Drew.

“I get my determination from my dad, I think. I just thought of him and how determined he was throughout his illness and kept going.”

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/AlwaysWalking