Council policy on trees updated

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Scottish Borders Council has updated its guidance on tree planting and identifies areas for new woodlands.

The notes will be used by Forestry Commission Scotland when it considers applications for new planting grants. They will also be the benchmark for the council to make future consultation replies.

The guidelines are an update to a woodland strategy first set for the area in 2005.

The reviewed rules for new woodlands take economic, social and environmental issues into consideration.

The note also provides a vision for the kinds of new planting that would make the greatest contribution to the various different geographical regions of the Borders such as the Tweed lowlands or the Cheviot Hills, said the council.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, executive member for roads and infrastructure, said: “I am pleased to announce this addition to our existing woodland strategy. We now have a strengthened policy on which to base decisions when consulted by the Forestry Commission on applications for new tree planting across the Borders. The new advice note and map enable us to consider the impacts applications would have on the economy, the environment and those living close to the proposed planting.”

The region’s strategy covers the contribution forestry makes to the local economy, woodland-based tourism, biodiversity and recreation.

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