Campaigners launch bid for natural play mecca at Selkirk’s Pringle Park

CAMPAIGNERS hoping to get their hands on £250,000 of lottery funding to help transform Selkirk’s Pringle Park into a unique natural play mecca for local children, as well as the rest of the community and visitors to the town, have now organised an open evening to show what is proposed.

The open evening will be held tonight, September 13, at Selkirk Rugby Club, from 6.30-8.30pm.

The Selkirk Pringle Park Project intends submitting its lottery funding application next month, with the outcome expected in February.

And earlier this week, the town’s Scottish Borders councillors agreed that its common good fund – which owns the park – would grant a ‘deed of dedication’ for the site in the centre of the park, for the next decade, to the playpark project.

Project vice-chair Margaret Sweetnam says it is a fantastic example of local people identifying a need, and coming together to do something about it.

“The park is a huge expanse of open space, but to be honest it can be pretty bleak. There are currently just four pieces of play equipment which have been in place for quite a number of years and really lack imagination,” she told TheSouthern.

“This is an ideal opportunity to create something quite a bit different from what can be found in other Borders towns and also help attract people to Selkirk.

“It would incorporate natural materials and really compliment the park’s natural beauty and setting.”

Group members visited a large number of other playparks around the country during the summer, including ones as far afield as Cornwall and Aberdeen, for examples of good design.

Mrs Sweetnam, who points out the project will not compromise the possibility of the park being the site of a new school in the future, also thanked all those who have been involved in various fundraising events which have so far raised around £12,000 of approximately £40,000 the group will have to raise itself.

And she added: “We all have one thing in common, which is to make Selkirk an even better place to live and be.”

If you are interested in attending the open evening, please RSVP to or phone 01750 725424.