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Innerleithen uplift

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Work is ongoing on Innerleithen’s £5.5million mountain bike uplift and now organisers want anyone interested to help by filling out a survey.

Local volunteers, AIMUp, plan a toboggan ride, as well as the uplift, cafes, toilets and showers, bike facilities and shop, with a ‘best case scenario’ opening of late 2016.

AIMUp’s Ian Campbell said: “We’re looking for bikers and non-bikers to complete the survey, which should only take five or so minutes.

“With greater numbers completing it, we get a more reliable picture of the interest in it. The resulting data should provide additional support for our business case, which is vital to securing financial support for the project.”

The team is waiting for the new Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) funding rules to be published.

Ian said: “This has long been a potential target for significant funds for the project, although it has taken longer than expected for it to be finalised. Securing an anchor funder would allow us to subsequently progress numerous applications to sources of funds that have been identified.

“Meantime, we engaged a consultant to refine and update our business plan, to ensure suitable supporting evidence was in place for the case being made.

“We are also undertaking our own market research, where previously we have relied on data from others.”

Find the survey on AIMUp’s ‘Support the Innerleithen Uplift’ Facebook page.