Call out for budding greenwood workers

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THE LAST weekend of May is Greenwood Weekend at Scotland’s first community woodland between Lauder and Galashiels.

The expert volunteers at Wooplaw dedicate May 25 and 26 to helping keen beginners or other enthusiasts.

The woodland’s Bob Fleet said: “We take the full weekend and help people make their own shave horses and/or pole lathe if they want to.

We only charge £40 for a shave horse and £60 for a pole lathe, with the added bonus of making exactly what you want.”

The wood workers will also have their lathes working, so anyone interested can go along and try their hand and learn how to use them.

There is an opportunity to make spoons and other items and those taking part are welcome to camp and have a barbecue over the weekend.

Bob added: “We’ll also be making another horse and a lathe for Wooplaw, so help will definitely be appreciated.”

Wooplaw became the first community woodland in Britain in 1987 started by the late Tim Stead, a wood sculptor and furniture maker who lived in Blainslie and used native British hardwoods.

He wanted to replace some of the elm, oak and ash he had used and made and sold more than 360 unique wooden axeheads to raise some of the money to buy the wood.

Email for a place on the specialist weekend.