Boleside baptism

FRAMED Boleside baptism  ( June 1987)
FRAMED Boleside baptism ( June 1987)

Boleside on the River Tweed between Galashiels and Lindean was the scene of a total-immersion baptism in June 1987.

Mrs Maureen Thomson was living in the County Hotel, Selkirk, and about to take over the Health and Herb shop in Hawick with her husband Stephen. Selkirk swimming pool was not available because of the common riding and Maureen decided on the river instead of the swimming pool in Galashiels. She was baptised by Pastor Ron Robertson of Selkirk’s newest church, Borders Christian Ministries. Mr Robertson told TheSouthern at the time: “I was a Baptist minister and have carried out quite a few total-immersion baptisms, but this was the first time I had ever carried out one in a river.” He was assisted by church treasurer Ron Scurfield as the congregation sang on the river bank.