Back-up ospreys a hit

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Osprey enthusiasts have not been disappointed with the ‘back-up’ nest, says project officer Diane Bennett.

Forestry Commission Scotland hastened to set up cameras (for live feeds to Glentress and Kailzie centres, near Peebles) on another nest after the loss of the female and her three chicks in the main nest of the Tweed Valley Osprey Project earlier this summer.

Diane said: “The new osprey pair are proving to be a real hit with visitors. The ringed adult birds are absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

“The male is a powerful and proficient hunter and he is bringing in good-sized fish which he passes straight over to the female and she feeds the two hungry young ospreys straight away.”

Volunteers have found out the male fledged from the project’s number one back-up nest in 2004.

Diane said: “It’s great to know birds born in the Borders are returning to breed in the area. This is another proven success for the Tweed Valley Osprey Project.

“We are still waiting to hear where the green-ringed female has come from, but records so far reveal she is not a Borderer.”

She added: “We have had delightful news that one of the osprey chicks ringed at the number one back-up nestsite last year has been photographed on a sunny beach on the River Tinto, Huelva in Spain this summer.”