Aussies fall for Borders Hook, Line and Sinker

From left, Andrew Hart, Tom Carter and Nick Duigan near Hawick
From left, Andrew Hart, Tom Carter and Nick Duigan near Hawick
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An Australian telly cameraman and presenter were filming fishing in the Borders last week.

Kelso company Fishpal stepped in after another agency let the team down, organising salmon fishing on the Teviot on Saturday for the Tasmanian-based Hook, Line and Sinker programme’s cameraman Andrew Hart and presenter Nick Duigan.

The duo filmed fishing on the Nisbet beat on which Fishpal’s Tom Carter has a rod in a syndicate.

The Australians were kitted out with waders, rod and reels from The Gunroom in St Boswells.

And they took footage from there and at the Buccleuch Hotel in St Boswells, the Teviot Smokery, near Kelso, where they saw local produce, and other places such as The Hermitage, south of Hawick.

Mr Carter said: “They were good fun and relaxed. They are very much people who go out to enjoy fishing and if they get a fish, fantastic. They loved the Borders, they had never been here before.”

The Australians hope, on the strength of the pilot, to return next year to make a more in-depth programme on Borders fishing and the region’s history, including its cashmere mills.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce and hopefully they will come back,” said Mr Carter. “They had never been to Scotland before and they didn’t know what to expect. ‘Epic hospitality’ was what they said as they left. No, they didn’t catch any fish, but that’s quite good because that means they’ll come back!” he said.

Broadcast on Saturdays, Hook, Line and Sinker attracts about 300,000 viewers.