August date for butterfly enthusiasts

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THE first butterfly monitoring training day at Corehead Farm near the Grey Mare’s Tail was cancelled because of bad weather at the end of last month.

But organisers Border Forest Trust (BFT) and the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme’s co-ordinator, Andy Riches, are undeterred and are rescheduling it for next month.

Mr Riches said: “Counting a butterfly transect [a fixed route walk] is a fun and rewarding way to spend some time and butterflies are a reasonably easy group to master for those who are not already familiar with them.

“With a rota of counters, the commitment at Corehead will not amount to more than an hour or so once a month and the information gained will be of great use to BFT in planning their management of the site and to butterfly conservation nationally.”

Anyone interested in volunteering as a butterfly counter over the summer should put Sunday, August 5, in their diary and meet at Moffat Initiative offices opposite the Woollen Mill at 11.30am for a short presentation about butterfly monitoring and a chance to ask questions.

At 12.30pm, a bus will take volunteers to Corehead to see the transect and count butterflies. It will return two hours later.

Anyone wanting to help should contact Mr Riches for more information on 07792-142446.