A new place to watch the world go by

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A popular walking trail near Peebles has been extended by 2km – a move that has been widely praised.

The new section of the Pilots’ Trail at Cademuir Forest boasts outstanding 360-degree views of the Tweed and Cademuir valleys.

Leading walkers high into the hilltops, the new trail, opened up by Forest Enterprise Scotland, now makes that walk a 5km circuit which takes around two hours to complete and offers some of the best views available in the region.

Katie Jarvis, Forest Enterprise Scotland’s recreation forester, based in the Borders, said: “This is a beautiful part of the Borders and on a clear day the views from the top of the hill are simply stunning.

“You can see for miles around, right over the Cademuir landscape and Tweed Valley – all the way to Stobo Valley.

“The trail follows mature pine woodlands and open hill so you get a bit of everything to look at.

“If you are lucky you might also see red squirrels, badgers, deer and many birds, from warblers to majestic ospreys.

“The investment in the new trail adds another visitor attraction to the popular Tweed Valley.

“We are very keen to ensure the National Forest Estate continues to support the tourism sector and provide an economic benefit to the local economy.”

Feedback from those who have walked the trail has been very positive.

Local walker, Mike McGrath from Peebles, sent a message to the path developers from his mobile phone saying: “I’m sitting in the sunshine on the new bench on the newly-opened path.

“What a superb job, well done!”