A Fraser’s take on a notorious Fraser

Sarah Fraser, author
Sarah Fraser, author

THE author of a new biography of the most notorious member of the Fraser clan will be the guest of the Mainstreet Trading Company in St Boswells later this month.

Sarah Fraser, pictured right, is well placed to talk with more than ad hoc authority about The Last Highlander: the story of Simon, Lord Lovat, who became the most famous supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

For the author, born in Essex, has not once, but twice married members of the Fraser clan.

She was 22 when she wed Kit Fraser, whom she had met at university in Bristol, and the couple settled at Moniack, near the Highlands home of the clan chief at Beaufort Castle.

The author raised four children, taught herself to speak Gaelic and immersed herself in the history of the 11th Lord Lovat who brought the Frasers back from the brink of extinction only to lose everything, including his head, after Culloden.

Her second marriage, to Kim Fraser, two years ago, took the author even closer to her subject matter and the legend of The Last Highlander which is published by Harper Collins today.

She describes the life of Lovat as “packed with plotting and incident, spells as a wanted outlaw, a prisoner in the Bastille and an aspirant”. The publishers say the yarn is “a gripping adventure and a swashbucking spy story”.

Ms Fraser will be the guest of the Mainstreet Trading Company at an author event, including a Q&A session, on Thursday, May 31, at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm).

To book a ticket (£8 including a glass of wine), email info@mainstreetbooks.co.uk or call 01835 824087.