Looking back: 21 pictures of Galashiels in the 1980s

When it comes to nostalgia, the 1980s probably provoke more memories and good, and bad, feeling than any other decade.

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, 1:00 pm
Galashiels in the 1980s.
Galashiels in the 1980s.

Looking through our archives, we came across a number of photographs from the era that give a great glimpse into life in the area in the, not too distant, past. There’s not a lot of detail with most of them but we’re sure there will be those who remember them well. We start with a selection of pictures from Galashiels and look out for more towns soon.

Morris dancers in Galashiels, August 1980.
Exterior of the Exacta Circuits electronics factory in Galashiels, April 1980.
Men working on the Selectaflex line at Exacta Circuits in Galashiels, April 1980.
Cutting the first sod for Galashiels Health Centre, August 1981.
Burns Night in Galashiels, January 1982.
Gala firemen present a restored pump, February 1982.
Galashiels Darts dinner dance and presentation night, May 1982.
Galashiels Boys Brigade centenary display, May 1983.
The last day at Galashiels Baths, November 1983.
Gala Academy production of 'Witches' in 1984.
Festival of architecture at Volunteer Hall, Galashiels, August 1984.
Flooding in Galashiels, November 1984.
Pigtale Beauty Salon, Galashiels, January 1985.
New Gala House had fallen into a bad state of repair and was later demolished. The mansion house had been used as a school during World War II by St Trinnean's, the model for St Trinian's. Picture taken February 1985.
Gala Academy celebrate after winning a schools rugby event in March 1985.
Gala squash finalists in March 1985.
The Girls' Brigade decorate the Gala Health Centre Christmas tree in 1987.
Olympic fundraiser swim at Galashiels pool, January 1988.
Official opening of Queen's Centre in Galashiels, February 1988.
International fashion designers John Galliano, Nino Cerutti and Chris Klyne during a visit to the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels, July 1988.
Civil emergency practice in Galashiels, October 1988.