Does the UK need more philanthropists?

In the UK, many people are obsessed with the rich and famous. We know exactly what our favourite celebrities and sports professionals are spending their money on and we want to spend ours on the same things.

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Friday, 14th August 2020, 11:03 am
Helping your community: your time and money could make a big difference
Helping your community: your time and money could make a big difference

So, what about the rich who aren’t so famous but are spending their money on the right things? These people are known as philanthropists and are not as well-known in the UK, despite their good work.

What is a philanthropist?

A philanthropist is slightly different to someone who gives money to charity. A philanthropist is often someone who is wealthy enough to offer a large donation in an attempt to promote the welfare of others. Philanthropists are often generous and focus on causes that are close to their hearts. Some philanthropists might give to improve their public image, but some do so in private.

Who are the UK philanthropists?

Last year, the Sunday Times reported that the amount of money given to charity by philanthropists in the UK rose to a record £3.75bn. Contributing to this figure were some of the UK’s most notable philanthropists including Jonathan Ruffer who donated around £317.5m to social heritage charities.

Philanthropist Tej Kohli was also amongst these people due to his contribution to a number of causes in the UK. Another name on there that you might recognise is Kenneth Townsley who focuses on giving to medical charities.

Why do we need philanthropists?

If the UK has so many philanthropists donating so much money, why do we need more? While there are many generous people in the UK who are offering their own wealth to help others, there is a lot more that could be done. Yes, a lot of the responsibility for deprived areas is on the government but if they aren’t going to fix things, we need to step up and take action

Not everyone in the UK can help their local communities and so those who can, should. No one has an obligation to become a philanthropist, but this kind of activity is always welcomed by those in need. Hopefully, philanthropists will step up in the wake of COVID-19 and help communities that have not prospered during this time. On top of that, the problems that existed pre-COVID still need to be addressed.

There are many famous philanthropists in the UK who should be praised for their giving, regardless of their motivation. However, there is still room for more philanthropy in the UK as many areas are living in poverty in this first-world country. Hopefully, we will see some new philanthropists donate what they can to help the people of the UK get back on track with their lives after the recent events.