Youngsters put on a cracking Christmas show for Yarrow community

Youngsters at Yarrow Primary School have been working their creative socks off for weeks to make this year’s Christmas show a magical success.

By Kathryn Wylie
Thursday, 19th December 2019, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th December 2019, 12:07 pm
Sonia Mendyk, Ada Davidson, Belle and Angus Hume, James Irving and Fiona Mendyk
Sonia Mendyk, Ada Davidson, Belle and Angus Hume, James Irving and Fiona Mendyk

And their hard work paid off last week as they delivered, not one but two, two-hour long productions of Alice in Wonderland to delighted parents and locals last week.

Each of the school’s 14 children had at least three parts to play in the two-hour long production, and managed to learn 22 different songs in the seven-weeks of rehearsals leading up to their biggest show of the year.

Knave Finley Mitchell, 2 of Hearts, Ada Davidson, Queen Isla Black, King Dylan Stanners and 5 of Hearts Fiona Mendyk

Headteacher Michelle Hoppe said: “We always put on a big show each year and push the children to get the best out of them.

“They have done this show on their own, all the dance moves have come from the kids. The youngest on the stage was five, and the oldest 11, and they’ve all worked really well together to produce an amazing show.

“We’ve had families and parents in to help with costumes as it’s not just about the kids it’s about the whole community.

“We’ve been rehearsing twice a week since October so it’s been very much part of the curriculum.

“But it’s all about putting something on for the community to enjoy.”

Audiences packed in to the Feus Hall, Yarrow, to enjoy the show before the end of term.