Shortlist of names for Jedburgh’s new campus still a work in progress

What the Jedburgh intergenerational campus will look like.
What the Jedburgh intergenerational campus will look like.

A public vote to name Jedburgh’s new £32m intergenerational campus will not take place as quickly as many have been anticipating.

Scottish Borders Council has confirmed that the shortlist of names, which eager residents were hoping to vote on soon, is still a work in progress.

Between October and January, townfolk submitted around 80 name suggestions for consideration.

Town and community councillors were invited to review the longlist and create a shortlist of potential names for a public ballot.

And although they were scheduled to do that over five weeks ago, a list of ballot options has not materialised yet.

A council spokesman said: “The shortlist is still being finalised, and we still plan to hold a public vote.

“We are hopeful that the name will be confirmed by the summer.”

The £32m all-age school, currently under construction in Hartigge Park, is due to open in March 2020.

It will replace the town’s Jedburgh Grammar School and Parkside and Howdenburn primaries.