Police and school hoping to tackle traffic problems in Melrose

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Irresponsible parking is causing “nightmare” problems when it comes to traffic in Melrose.

That’s according to the town’s community council which last week discussed the dangers of cars being parking in the west end of the town’s High Street.

“The area between the mountain rescue base on High Street and Huntly Road is particularly bad,” community councillor Graham Barker said.

“I cannot understand how drivers think it’s okay to park on both sides of that road. It causes a bottle neck and it must be a nightmare for bus drivers in particular.

“They are not doing anything illegal as there’s no markings there anymore, but you do sometimes get to a situation - if there’s funerals in the church or events in the town - when there’s just nowhere you can go.”

Melrose police officer PC Callum Wilson confirmed that whatever road markings there used to be there had faded off over time.

But he did shared some positive news that a joint exercise to tackle congestion in nearby Huntly Road was planned for next week.

“The road in to the school will be closed to traffic from Wednesday, May 29, to Friday, May 31.

“It is to discourage folk from going up there.

“There’s letters going out to parents and we will be patrolling to make sure people don’t go into Huntly Road

“This is a joint project with the school’s junior road safety officers and we will be carrying out patrols.

“Those that need private access have been notified.”