Borders scout group members are prepared for its landmark birthday on Saturday, July 24

A Borders scout group is preparing to set their centenary celebrations in stone this weekend.

Set in stone.
Set in stone.

Lauderdale Scout Group, which was founded in 1921 by Mr H D Fraser, who was the

head teacher at Lauder Primary School, is celebrating its 100th birthday.

To commemorate the occasion, a special memorial stone has been carved in honour of the landmark and will be placed in the Lauderdale Scout Hall Garden, West High Street, Lauder on Saturday, July 24, at 10.30am.

Actor Jack Lowden, Oxton native and former Lauderdale cub, will be unveiling the stone.

Andrew Beaumont, group scout leader, said: “The stone was carved by Cockenzie-based artist Gardner Molloy from a single piece of Copp Crag sandstone from North Yorkshire. The reef knot on top off the memorial represents the strength of World Scouting and the rope signifies the unity of scouts throughout the world.”

The Lauder Scout Troop started with just 21 scouts and was officially registered with the Scout Movement on the 14th of April 1925 - with five officers (leaders), 12 wolf cubs and 29 boy scouts.

There were no girls in scouts in the early days and the group has undergone various name changes through the years – including the 24th Berwickshire, 24th Ettrick and Lauderdale, 3rd Ettrick and Lauderdale and Lauder Scout Group.

In 2013, the name was changed to Lauderdale Scout Group in a bid to reflect the catchment area for young people joining.

At first, the group members met in the primary school hall but in 1960, they moved

to the Old Church Hall, which was bought by the people of Lauder for the scouts and

cubs and became known as the Scout Hall.

In 1993, The Youth Trust was established to take over the management of the hall and in 2017, the Lauderdale Scout Group bought the hall back from the trust continue to use it to this day.

Since its inception Lauderdale Scout Group has had a number of well-

known local leaders (Mr Fraser in 1921, Mr Bell in 1925 and Mr Wood in 1930).

In 1933, the Reverend Tosh of the manse took over leadership of the troop and remained leader until the 1960s.