Author’s magical visit

Angela Proctor at Philiphaugh Community School.
Angela Proctor at Philiphaugh Community School.

The children at Selkirk’s Philiphaugh Community School had a magical visit last Thursday from a most enchanting author.

Angela Proctor’s magical world of Thumble Tumble series, has been widely acclaimed by teachers and pupils alike.

Angela Proctor with Joseph Agate.

Angela Proctor with Joseph Agate.

And she has donated a new study pack to schools as part of Book Week Scotland in order to improve literacy.

The engaging pack has been created in partnership with leading educational experts to ensure that it meets all the requirements for the Curriculum for Excellence.

The author is also waiving all her profits for school who need to buy her books to support the study, representing a 55% saving.

Angela said: “I had a magical afternoon visiting Philiphaugh to launch the Thumble Tumble teaching resource in the Borders.

“The children and teachers gave me such a warm welcome, I felt right at home.

“The children’s listening and interpretation skills were also brilliant, as was their enthusiasm for literature.

“I was extremely impressed by the schools ethos towards literature and look forward to hearing more about their Thumble Tumble adventures when they start to use the teaching pack.”

The study packs contain fun and engaging activities centred around the magical world of witch Thumble Tumble’s adventures on Arran, aimed at primaries 4-6.