Market Prices


By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th August 2014, 2:10 pm

At their weekly sale of primestock last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,306 lambs and 297 ewes and rams.

Lamb trade easier on the week in keeping with the national trend.

Lambs, leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £75.50 (2) South Bellshill, £74, £73 Cresswell Farms, £73 (2) South Bellshill and Yetlington Lane, £72.50 Springhill, Berwick, Wandon and Lilburn Estates, £72 Springhill, Berwick, Cresswell Farms, Wandon, West Rennington and Cockhall. Suff.x:- £72 Springhill, Berwick and South Bellshill, £71.50 Auchencrow Mains and Shipley Lane, £71 Alnham, Lilburn Estates and Treaty Park. Bel:- £73 (2) Yetlington Lane, £72.50 (2) Ladykirk, £72 Henlaw and Yetlington Lane.

Lambs, leading prices per kilo:- Bel.x:- 187.2p Henlaw, 185.9p Ladykirk, 184.6p, 178.1p Henlaw, 177.6p Ladykirk, 176.3p Henlaw. Tex.x:- 178.2p Black Heddon, 177.8p West Rennington, 171.3p Todrig, 171.1p West Rennington, 170.5p Black Heddon. Suff.x:- 164.1p Hillcrest Livestock, 162.8p Lilburn Estates, 162.5p Shipley Lane, 162.2p Brockley Hall. Ven:- 163.4p Craigshouse, 161.3p North Lyham.

Ewes still a decent trade for this time of year.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £101, £93 (2) Black Heddon, £91 Hillcrest Livestock, £89 Black Heddon, £87 Lilburn Estates, £81 Village Farm. Suff.x:- £87 West Longridge, £85 Alnham, £79 Lilburn Estates and West Longridge. BFL:- £87 Fawdon Farms. Mule:- £69 Black Heddon, £67 Alnham and Lilburn Estates, £65 Brockley Hall, £63 Craigshouse. BF:- £59 Fawdon Farms, £49 Barmoor Red House.

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John Swan Ltd sold 73 store and grazing cattle at their fortnightly sale last Thursday.

Bullocks per head: AA.x;- £1175, £1080, £900 Broomiebank, Lim.x;- £1000, £945 Orchard Hwk. £970 Lower Ashtrees, £865 Greenhead. S, BRB;- £965, £955 Orchard Hwk.

Bullocks per kg: BRB;- 229.8, 227.4 Orchard Hwk., Lim.x;- 225, 222.2, Orchard Hwk, 213.6, 211.5 Greenhead. S, AA.x;- 222.7, 217.6 Broomiebank.

Bullocks averaged: 417kgs, 200p pkg £834 .

Heifers per head: AA.x;- £1065, £985 Stouslie, £865 Broomiebank, Lim.x;- £970 Broomiebank, £955, £925, £900, £885 Greenhead. S.

Heifers per kg: Lim.x;- 230.1, 227.9, 226.8, 222.9, 218.5 Greenhead. S, AA.x;- 214.1 Stouslie, 213.6 Broomiebank.

Heifers averaged; 398kg, 210p pkg, £837.

At their opening sale the firm also sold 1,625 store and feeding lambs which met a very strong demand.

Tex:- £66 Lustruther, £64.50 Woolaw, £64 Greenhead. S; Suff.x;- £64 Lustruther, £62.50 Greenhead. S, £60.50 Brotherstone; Char.x;- £63 Ruletownhead, Lleyn:- £59, £58 Dolphinston, CM;- £52 The Shieling; BF;- £50 Fallowlees.

At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 69 clean cattle, 30 OTM cattle, 2,373 new season lambs and 1,287 ewes.

Bullocks (36) averaged 209.4p per kg and sold to 244p (+3.1p on week), heifers (31) averaged per 217p per kg and sold to 237p (n/c on week), two young bulls averaged 135p per kg and sold to 137p ( n/c on week), 25 beef type OTM cattle averaged 119.4p per kg and sold to 175p (-4.8p on the week) and five dairy type OTM cattle averaged 83.3p per kg and sold to 107p (n/c on the week).

New season lambs averaged 163.8p per kg (+0.5 on the week) and sold to £100, top price 2.03p per kg for Beltex.

Ewes averaged £53.14, and sold to £107 for Texel. Heavy ewes averaged £62.93 and light ewes sold to £59 for Blackface and averaged £34.19.

Principal prices per head: Longnewton £1491.60, £1481.76, £1470; Dunslaw £1466.80; Lennoxlove £1434.72.

Principal prices per kg: Lennoxlove 2.44, 2.25 M/s Moor; Woodhead,A 2.37 W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, 2.34 Foley Bros, 2.27 Robert L Wilson Butcher Ltd; Bee Edge 2.37 W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, 2.35 J.Gilmour and Co Ltd, 2.29 W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons; Greenknowe 2.34 Shaws of Lauder, 2.30 (twice) G and L Archibald Ltd, J. Gilmour and Co Ltd; Penston 2.30 W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons; Humbie Mill 2.29 (twice) Ramsay Family Butchers and John Anderson (Butchers), 2.27 James Cockburn and Son; Wester Ulston 2.28 J.F. Finlay and Co Ltd.

Bulls: Wester Middleton £1188.10.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1220, £1112.32; Wester Middleton, £1169.60, £1123.20, £1024.76; Leaderfoot £1085; Deanfoot £986.90, £945.40, £887.52; Smailholm Mains £984.20, £833.94; Dunslaw £969.50; Over Whitlaw £949.62; Greenknowe £906.52.

Cows per kg: Dunslaw 1.75; Wester Middleton 1.72, 1.60, 1.37; Kersknowe 1.58, 1.51; Deanfoot 1.45, 1.39, 1.29; Smailholm Mains 1.33, 1.23; Over Whitlaw 1.33; Greenknowe 1.31, 1.29; Leaderfoot 1.25; Swinside 1.23

John Swan Limited held their Annual Show and Sale of Beltex Prime Lambs. The show was sponsored by Davidsons and Carrs Billington and expertly judged by Mr Robert Wilson. The Champion was awarded to Messrs Rennie, Sydenham weighing 49kgs making £99.50. Reserve from Messrs Pate, Craigsford Mains, weighing 50kg making £90.50.

Lambs per head: Suff.x £100 The Lee, £86, £80 Huntington, £80 Headshaw L, Threepwood; Bel. £99.50, £84 Sydenham, £90.50, £89.50 Craigsford, £82, £80 Redden; Tex £97 The Lee, £90 Hermiston, £85.50 Huntington; Cha. £83.50, £71 Woodhouse, £73 Torview; Chev £69.50 Hawthornside, £65 Parkhill; HB £69, £65 Stobshiel Mains; GF £65 Lauderhill; CHM £67.50 Gilston

Lambs per kg: Bel 2.03, 2.00 Sydenham, 1.98 Craigsford, 1.91 Wester Deans; Tex 1.87 Lower Ashtrees, 1.84 Earlston Mains; Suff.x 1.72 Huntington, The Lee, 1.70 Headshaw Lauder; Cha 1.70 Borthwickshiels, 1.69 Woodhouse

Ewes: Tex £107 The Lee, Upper Huntlywood, £101 Blackadder Mains; Suff.x £95 Corsbie, £91 Hermiston, £88 Woodside; Suff £89 Brotherstone; Lle £83, £73 Lustruther; Chv £71 Whitchesters, £67 Woodside, Cairns; BF £59 Burnhouse Mains, £55 Raeshaw; GF £78 Corsbie, £77 Berryhill, £73 Woodhouse; BFL £71 Hartside.

Rams: Tex £127, £103 Blackadder Mains, £105, £73 Hermiston, £100 Drinkstone; BFL £90 Hartside; Suff £77 Woodhouse; Bel £70 Hartside.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 17 prime cattle, 16 over 30 month cattle, 2,182 prime lambs and 5,254 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A plainer show of prime cattle presented and many more are required to keep up with the ever increasing demand. Top price to 221.5p for Limousin heifers shown by A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen, purchased by Border Meats, Butchers, Lockerbie. Limousin bullocks sold to 220.5p also from Messrs Taylor, this time purchased by Mr John Little.

A plainer show of cast cows saw fleshy farm assured cows sell to a good trade and topped at 146.5p for a Luing from J.G. Murray and Son, Branxholm Braes.

Prime lambs were a smaller show, owing to the decline in the trade plus farmers harvesting and silaging the last few days. However, trade was buoyant with all weights up 10p per kilo to average 174p overall. Top price per kilo was 210p for Texels from Lanerton and to £93.50 per head for Texels from Mill View and Ormiston.

Light lambs also enjoyed the uplift in price to a top of £67.50 per head and 193p per kilo for Texels from Greenwell Meadows.

Prime ewes and rams were a smaller entry but nevertheless trade was just as dear as ever with the large company of buyers keen for supplies.

Rams sold to £200 for Suffolks and Texels from Guards Mill.