Counting down to Kelso ram sales

Plans are well advanced for Kelso Ram Sales, with a healthy entry of 4,964, which means plenty of choice for buyers on September 12, with representation from 15 breeds, plus crosses.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 7th September 2014, 9:35 am
Kelso Ram Sales
Kelso Ram Sales

The numbers of the breeds to be offered for sale are 1,680 Texel, 1,192 Suffolk, 669 Bluefaced Leicester, 295 Charollais, 139 Beltex, 131 Lleyn, 89 Border Leicester, 56 North Country Cheviot and 143 pedigree sheep from the following breeds – Berrichon, Blue Texel, Charmois, Hampshire Down, Oxford, Poll Dorset, Roussin and Vendeen.

There are also 570 crosses, the majority of which are Beltex X.

All breeds will sell in 13 rings simultaneously by eight auction firms. Once again the large double marquees are to house the rams and all the sales rings will be under cover ready for secretary Ronald Wilson, above, to ring the bell at 10am to start the sale.

As last year, buyers will be able to buy tups and export them direct from the sales to Northern Ireland.

It will be appreciated if purchasers for export make themselves known to Merlin Veterinary Group, who will have an office at the sale within the main hall, as soon as possible after purchasing to allow the physical inspection of tups and the paperwork to be completed in good time. Alternatively, any queries to Michael Kyle (01573 224496 or 07813 692587). This is only available to MV Accredited tups (Ring 1 to Ring 10).

The Tup Taxis are again available free of charge.

The Border Union is indebted to Zoetis (formerly Pfizer VPS) who, through their Cydectin brand, are in their 13th year as sponsors of the sales. They have been joined by Rumenco Ltd as co-sponsors.