To all lovers of beer and sofas – Wojtek has a fitness plan for you

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Wojtek Wozny knows that not everyone wants their personal trainer to shout incessantly at them while dressed in skin-tight lycra.

Wojtek, 47, and his wife Karen are the owners of On The Go Fitness, hoping their new gym studio in Selkirk’s Riverside Mills will appeal to a large swathe of the community, from specialised sportspeople such as archers or golfers, to beer-loving couch potatoes.

The friendly fitness trainer, who is originally from Katowice in Poland, said: “I want to provide fitness training to beer and sofa lovers – the guys who don’t want to get crazy, but they have some baggage on the front.

“I myself like nothing better than a cold beer after a hard training session – it tastes so amazing – so I can sympathise.

“There are different classes for different levels of ability and age.”

Wojtek said he was also looking into working with sportspeople to help them improve their abilities in their chosen field, and was speaking to local archers to build their core strength for drawing their bows.

Wojtek has also been in training with a company called Golf Fit in Edinburgh, and is looking to open a franchise in Selkirk.

Karen said: “Your golf can only be as good as your body allows it to be. It is functional training for golfers, on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, to help them with their golf swing, as well as strength.”

By identifying weaknesses in mobility, stability, balance or power, an individual program can be designed by Wojtek to target these areas, allowing your swing to become more efficient and effective.

Wojtek, who has a background as a swimmer and martial artist, says having fun while training is very important, as if you are having fun, the chances of you wanting to keep doing it are higher. And the couple want to welcome as many people as possible to their studio.

Karen said: “Maybe people who feel that working out or going for a run isn’t really for them, we can find something for everybody.

“We like to make it enjoyable, and comfortable for people rather than a regimented shoutfest. Some people like that army-type thing where you are shouted at, they need it to stay focused on what they are doing, but it’s certainly not for everyone.”

Wojtek added: “When I was younger, I was alright with that sort of thing. But now, I would rather have someone smart who will show me the way. Don’t shout at me.”

Another class he wants to run is a gym class for Polish speakers.

On The Go Fitness is holding an open day at the studio on Sunday, November 19, from 12.30-3pm.

Karen said: “This is to give people an opportunity to look round, ask questions and help us celebrate the new studio with a glass of organic wine and a few nibbles.”

Wojtek may even open his beer fridge.