Kevin’s new dog training venture is heaven scent

Kevin Motion with his dogs.
Kevin Motion with his dogs.

Kevin Motion learned a lot in his time as a volunteer and paid member of staff at Borders Pet Rescue.

And chief among this was the fact that many dogs that come through the local charity’s rescue service are not trained to a high standard.

So, this week, he opened his own training centre, in premises at Unit 9, Station Road in Selkirk.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to concentrate on dog training.

“But when I took on my previous rescue dog, it became apparent how little training some of the dogs that were coming in had.

“I’ve been doing this for about five years, and now, I’ve taken the leap to wards opening the centre.”

The centre offers puppy and adult training classes , following the pet dog ambassador program, which offers force, pain and fear-free training for owners and their dogs.

But your dog will learn far more than how to sit and give a paw.

Kevin is an accredited Scentwork UK trainer and judge ... he says the fun detection classes can help with a dog’s behaviour, as well as giving them a positive way to use their most spectacular gift.

He said: “Basically it’s detection work for your dog.

“A lot of the training is the same as for drug dogs in the police, but it is aimed at pet dogs, for fun.

“It utilises the dog’s nose, and I have had anything from a daschund to a greyhound doing it.

“It’s classed as a dog sport, and it gives them something to do, something to focus on.

“It’s really good for dogs with behavioural issues as well, as it can focus them and becalm them.”

If you feel you and your dog could benefit from Kevin’s training, visit his website for full details and to sign up to classes or workshops.

To find out more, call Kevin on 07493 452853.