It’s safety first for Covid-19-hit bar in Hawick

A responsible Hawick pub boss has revealed the actions he has taken to reopen his watering hole after it was confirmed that a Covid-19 carrier had paid a visit there.

Wednesday, 26th August 2020, 11:24 am
Eddie Hall at the Trinity Bar, Duke Street, Hawick.

NHS Borders Health Protection team is currently dealing with an outbreak of the virus in Hawick.

One of the business impacted is the Trinity Bar in Duke Street, which voluntarily closed its doors this week after it was confirmed that the husband of a woman with coronavirus had visited the premises.

In response, bar boss Eddie Hall has ordered screens to divide seating areas in the pub and has also carried out an extensive cleansing operation to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

He aims to reopen this week, but is no rush until he is certain the pub is safe to drink and work in.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council has praised the response of the businesses affected, saying: “The cases are linked to three settings in Hawick; Morrisons, the Trinity Bar and Baguette ’N’ Go. Co-operation from all these businesses has been excellent and we thank them for this.

“NHS Borders Test and Protect team are contacting any customers of the Trinity Bar who may be affected and close contacts are being advised to self-isolate and are being given appropriate advice.”

Mr Hall said: “We are waiting until all the track and trace has been done and getting new screens put up, and the plan is to open later in the week when everything is in place.

“We are in no rush to open because the health of the people comes before anything else. We got the guy in to spray everything and we have got all the certificates done so we could have opened today, but I prefer to open once the screens are in just to be double sure.

“We shut of our own accord, we were not told to shut.

“We shut once we realised that someone had been in the pub that had it and we closed it there and then to try and stop the spread.

“We are definitely taking this very seriously.

“I was actually informed by the guy who was in the pub who told me that his wife had got it, that’s when we decided to shut there and then.

“I am confident we will be open this week sometime, it’s just dependent when the plastic comes for dividers for the front bar and the back bar.”

Hawick tradesman Gary McDonagh, who carried out the cleansing operation at the bar, said: “Using an ultra low volume fogging machine I was able to disperse Sterizar, which is fully tested and effective against coronavirus as well as many other viruses and bacteria.

“The chemical binds to all surfaces and kills 99.9999% of all bacteria within 30 seconds.

“It continues to work for up to 30 days so the bar will be the safest place in Hawick for the next month.

“The owners can now open the bar safely from tomorrow knowing the customers and staff will be protected.”