Help at hand for Borders firms bracing themselves for Brexit

The Heart of Hawick.
The Heart of Hawick.

There are now less than two months to go until Britain is due to bid au revoir, auf wiedersehen, arivederci, adios and so on to the European Union, but many businesses in the Borders are still in the dark about what impact that upheaval will have on them.

Business Gateway is hoping to help shed some light on what the future holds for firms here after the end of next month at at a free advice session being lined up for next week, however.

It’s staging a Brexit seminar on Tuesday, September 10, at the Heart of Hawick from 2pm to 5pm.

It will set out a checklist of issues that businesses need to be planning for ahead of the EU exit date of Thursday, October 31, committed to by UK Government prime minister Boris Johnson.

Issues covered will include rules on the economic origins of goods, VAT and regulations that businesses need to consider.

For firms currently trading with EU countries, the Brexit seminar will also take into account emerging threats and opportunities, customs and inventory issues and HM Revenue and Customs simplification options.

The seminar will be led by Murdo Beaton, billed as an expert in international trade issues.

It will include a question-and-answer session to address any specific concerns raised by businesses in attendance.

Business Gateway boss Phil McCreadie said: “In light of the increasing likelihood of the UK leaving the EU on October 31, it is critical that business owners are able to consider and plan for the implications on their business over the next few months.

“Business Gateway is working with enterprise and skills agencies across the country to urge all Scottish businesses to actively prepare for Brexit.

“Events and support, including our Brexit seminar, help to ensure that business owners have the right contingency plans in place to protect their business, supply chain and customers.

“Despite ongoing uncertainty, events such as the Brexit seminar that bring together local business owners and industry experts, like Murdo Beaton, are a great way to help companies overcome challenges and continue to grow.”

To sign up for the seminar being held in Hawick next week, visit