Creature comforts on offer at village show

Overall winner Glen Wilson from Bonchester Bridge.
Overall winner Glen Wilson from Bonchester Bridge.

This year’s Holm Show, hosted by Liddesdale Agricultural Society at Newcastleton on Saturday, was a soaring success in spite of adverse weather.

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Livestock secretary Jenny Nixon told us: “Despite the weather – and the weather warnings – the day itself went absolutely brilliantly.

“We had to run some safety checks on the marquees after the wind, and the gate was slightly down, as was the industrial entries, but the livestock entries were actually up on last year.

“We all had a pretty good night in the marquee afterwards as well.”

Results (livestock)

Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Cup for champion overall Sheep: G Wilson, Hawthornside, Bonchester Bridge.

Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser Trophy for reserve champion Overall Sheep: Bridgewater and Wood, Potholm, Langholm.

Charlie Wilson Memorial Cup for champion 25 yrs and under in sheep section: C. Goddard, Frankstown, Longtown.

Wattie Robertson Memorial Cup for champion overall Cheviot or blackface: C. Weir, Mainside Farm, Hownam, Kelso.

Liddesdale Junior Agricultural Challenge Cup for champion South Country Cheviot: T. Elliot, Hindhope, Jedburgh.

Cumberland and Westmorland Farmers Challenge Cup for champion Hired Shepherd – South Country Cheviot: C. Weir.

Solway Agriculture Cup for champion Hill North Country: Bridgewater and Wood.

Larriston Perpetual Challenge Cup for champion blackface: G. Jackson, Newcastleton.

John Charlton Challenge Cup for champion hired shepherd, blackface section: G. Jackson.

Rickerby Tankard for best greyface ewe lamb: D & M Hope, Canonbie.

Raeburn Perpetual Challenge Cup for champion blueface Leicester: D & M Hope.

Thomas Watson Memorial Shield for sheep opposite sex to champion blueface Leicester: I. Copeland, Newcastleton.

G. McGimpsey and G. Rae for champion Continental other than Texel: C. Goddard.

Carrs Billington Challenge Trophy for champion Texel: G. Wilson.

Jobson Animal Health Challenge Trophy for champion any other breed: C. Goddard.

Titheburn Challenge Cup for best prime lambs: A. Little, Penton.

Bedda Cup for champion young handler: Will Beattie, Smithfield.

Nova Brodie Cup for champion goat: J. Thomson, Newcastleton.

Armstrong - Wilson Trophy, overall horse/pony: H. Robinson, Royal Oak House, Ganitsgill, Dalston. ‘Sally’.

Liddesdale Agricultural Society Challenge Cup, class 100 Pony Club pony: A Stelmach, Carlisle. ‘Geronimo’.

Hawick News Challenge Cup, class 101 Pony Club pony: H. Robinson ‘Sally’.

Waldie Griffiths Perpetual Challenge Cup, class 102 hill cobs: N. O’Connor, Newcastleton. ‘Millie’

Copshaw Cup, class 103/104 small native: Mr & Mrs Mallinson, Hethersgill. ‘Coednor Harris’ rider G. Mallinson.

Coffee Johnny Perpetual Challenge Cup, class 105 show pony: P. Robinson, Dalston. ‘Sapphire’

Smokey’s Sovereign, class 106 ridden horse: Z. Green, Lockhills, Armathwaite, ‘Capricorn Vinnie’ rider B. Green.

Liddesdale Agricultural Society Challenge Cup, class 107 registered Mountain & Moorland Large: Mr & Mrs Mallinson. ‘Coednor Harris’ Rider – Georgina Mallinson.

Lingards Wood Willow Trophy, class 108 registered Mountain & Moorland Small: G. Story, Canonbie. ‘Liddesdale Easter Daisy’.

Westerkirk Saddlery Perpetual Trophy, best Welsh Pony from classes 107 and 108: Mr & Mrs Mallinson.

Poldark Trophy, class 109 coloured horse or pony: C. Allison, Alton Cottage West, Hawick. ‘Dakota’.

Ruaridh Trophy, class 110 veteran horse/pony : Z. Green.

Graham Murray Memorial Trophy, class 111 utility horse/pony: N. O’Connor, ‘Whiskey’.

Gambler Stakes Cup, class 115 Gambler Stakes jumping: M. Richardson, Newcastleton. ‘Summer’.

Colin Telford Salver, class 118 /119 horse sports: H. Robinson ‘Sally’.

Liddesdale Welsh Pony Stud Trophy for five-mile radius: M. Richardson ‘Summer’.

Craven Cup for overall champion: W. Ewart, Newcastleton.

Peel Fell Cup for champion dog/bitch: W. Ewart, Newcastleton

Caldcleuch Cup for champion collie: B. Mackay, Langholm.

Tarn of Glendhu Memorial Trophy for champion veteran: K. Duncan, Hawick.

Capontree Vets Trophy for champion pet: M. Grierson, Newcastleton.

R. L. Parkin shield for best in show (poultry section): L. Salkeld, Penton.

Elliot Cup for champion junior poultry: N. & M. Grierson, Penton.

Sam’s Shield for reserve champion poultry: L. Page, Newcastleton.

George Waddell Trophy for best eggs: J. W. Hetherington, Lockerbie.

Agroweld Cup for best exhibit in vintage section: W. Lockerby, Newcastleton.

Classis Car Challenge Cup: W. Lockerby, Newcastleton.

Results (industrial)

Flower section: Bell Cup, Centenary Cup, Jean and Ell Little Quaich and Cochranes Nursery Trophy – Mr P. Hutton. Floral art: Newcastleton SWRI Cup and £10 prize for best arrangement – Mrs A. Orr.

Vegetable section: Tinnis Cup, Liddesdale Cup, most points in section and best exhibit – Mr W. Wilson.

Home produce: Jean Mitchison Shield – Mrs K. Ireland. Alison Mitchison Holm Show Trophy – Miss I. Elliot.

Home baking: Anderson Cup – Mrs K. Ireland. Children’s section: Martin Mitchell Cup – Miss I. Bethune.

Results (wrestling)

Winners – Under-13s: Myles Stainton. Under-15s: Max Bates. Under-18s: Toby Stalker. Ladies: Connie Hodgson. 12-stone: Gerald Brundu. All weight: Thomas Gibson.

Results (Vintage)

Agroweld Cup: W. Lockerby, Newcastleton. Classic Car Challenge Cup: W. Lockerby. 501 traction engines and stationary engines: G. Threiplend, Hawick. Tractors: W. Lockerby. Commercial vehicles and cars: W. Lockerby. Collection of bygones, tools & implements: Mr J. Pattinson.