BP award oils Calum’s career progression

A Lauder student has received an industry award in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements.

Calum McGee (22), who has just graduated with an MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree from Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, is also celebrating receiving the BP prize for having the best grades in the final year of his course.

The former Earlston High School pupil said: “To be honest, winning the BP prize was actually the biggest shock of my university experience.

Prior to university I had never won any academic awards, and being awarded this prize made me extremely proud of the hard work I had put in over the four years at RGU.

“I can’t thank the university enough for the greatest four years of my life, where I have met some of my closest friends who I will not lose contact with. The university has also set me up with a fantastic degree and job and I’m looking forward to using the knowledge and skills I have gained from the course in industry and also personnel projects.”

Calum has already secured a job with Norco Group Limited, the company with which he spent his placement during his degree.

“The placement was fantastic,” he said. “I was able to contribute what I learned from the course into real industrial projects which was highly satisfying.

“This placement also steered me towards what I chose to do my thesis on, and I kept in good contact with the company, using their equipment and eventually produced work that the company were able to use.”

Calum made the decision to study at RGU after seeing how practical the engineering courses at the university were.

He said: “In the final year they were times where we were stuck in our electronics labs late at night getting coursework finished, however, the group of people I was with majorly helped us pull through and I look forward to staying in contact with them.

“The lecturers and staff were also great giving us support anytime of the day and taking their time to give us one-to-one interaction when we asked for help.”