Interactive show where you choose the tunes

Fault Lines – Victoria Halls, Selkirk. Tuesday, February 11, at 7pm. Tickets £6 (£4 conc.) can be booked through the Live Borders website

Fault Lines at the Victoria Halls on Tuesday, February 11
Fault Lines at the Victoria Halls on Tuesday, February 11

Local charity Live Borders brings award-winning theatre company Two Destination Language’s new show to the Victoria Halls in Selkirk on Tuesday.

‘Fault Lines’ features five women on a catwalk as they parade hundreds of costumes, constantly shifting the sense of character, revealing hints of who they are.

In this interactive, multi-media show, using a mobile phone app and headphones, each audience member chooses between different music and stories which offer contrasting positions on the parade of costumes and identities on stage.

Two Destination Language directors Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva.

The audience will see moments of celebration and pain as they curate their own unique experience.

Becki Hodgson, activities and programming development officer at Live Borders, told us: “We are extremely fortunate here in the Scottish Borders to be able to play host to such rich and diverse pieces of work.

“Not only are we excited to be presenting a local company and supporting their work, but we are looking forward to opening this piece to a much wider audience who may not always have the opportunity to attend such performances outside our region.

“As a charity, Live Borders always seek to help the community to become healthier, happier and stronger.

“Performances such as this bring people together to have fun and share a sense of community.”

This piece is specifically – but certainly not exclusively – aimed at female audiences of 14 plus.

Audience members are requested to download an app onto their mobile phones before the performance, enabling them to choose between six soundtracks.