Plenty of pride on parade at Earlston’s civic week

The 47th annual Earlston Civic Week served up beautiful sunshine for each of its various events last week.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 1:33 pm
Earlston Civic Week : Saturday's children's sports and fancy dress parade.
Earlston Civic Week : Saturday's children's sports and fancy dress parade.

Bumper crowds enjoyed the week-long programme of events aimed at townsfolk and visitors of all ages.

“I’m really quite proud to be a citizen of Earlston when you see the way the village comes together for its civic week,” Tom Burnham, secretary of the event’s organising committee, said.

“The weather was kind to us, and one of the most outstanding events this year was the hill races, which saw huge entries, possibly because it was not too hot or cold.

Earlston Civic Week : Saturday's children's sports and fancy dress parade.

“We had 127 entries in the seniors’ Black Hill race, which was unprecedented, against the usual 80 average.

For the youngsters’ White Hill race, we had 32 runners instead of the usual dozen or so. That was outstanding and the rest of the week followed along those lines.”

Tuesday’s White Hill race was won by Ewan Christie and Isla Patterson, and first man and woman home in the Black Hill race were David Limmer and Charlotte Morgan.

Throughout the week townsfolk enjoyed pool, dominoes, darts, bowling and football tournaments, plus a treasure hunt, bingo, pet show and disco.

The week culminated with Friday night’ concert in the marquee, where a Grease tribute act provided cabaret entertainment, before Saturday’s fancy-dress contest, sports, torchlight parade and fireworks.

Tom added: “The concert didn’t draw in as many people as Scocha, who we’ve had the past few years, but that didn’t surprise us. Scocha always went down very well, but you can’t have them every year.

“Maybe we’ll get them back in their new guise soon, or maybe even the Proclaimers, for our 50th anniversary civic week in three year’s time.”

Throughout the week, decorated scarecrows popped up in gardens and outside shops, with one on the A68 in particular, drawing a lot of attention.

“We had 110 scarecrows last year, which was brilliant,” Tom said. “I don’t think we had quite as many this year, but there was still a lot and some of them were outstanding.

“Somebody even reported the A68 scarecrow, which was a pair of legs sticking out of a bush next to a crashed bike, to the police. It was very creative.”

Saturday’s fancy-dress parade, led by Melrose Pipe Band, also proved popular.

“There were some standout original entries this year,” Tom added. “While it’s not fair to single any out, the two adults’ groups, Games on Thrones and the Old Masters really were tremendously clever and a lot of work.”

The afternoon’s sports included wheelbarrow, sack and egg-and-spoon races. Youngsters also enjoyed a visit from Galashiels fire station’s crew.

Full results were as follows:

Under-5 girls’ race: 1st Lily Cannon; 2nd Lucy Slater; 3rd Ella Braithwaite. Under-5 boys’ race: 1st Archie McDonald; 2nd Fergus Walker; 3rd Hunter Horsely. Girls 6-8 race: 1st Olivia Stewart; 2nd Mia Weatherston; 3rd Maisie Bailey. Boys 6-8 race: 1st Rory White; 2nd Jamie Stewart; 3rd Jamie Skilly. Girls 9-11 race: 1st Zoe White; 2nd Abbie White; 3rd Haley Gaffney. Boys 9-11 race: 1st Lewis Newton; 2nd Ryan Skilly; 3rd Sean Gaffney. Women’s race: 1st Lauren Rawlings; 2nd/3rd = Vivienne McDonald and Katie Nelson; 4th Becky Kinmont. Men’s race: 1st Ross Forbes; 2nd Tony Harkness; 3rd Scott White.

Girls 6-8 sack race: 1st Mia Weatherston; 2nd Olivia Stewart; 3rd Neve White. Boys 6-8 sack race: 1st Rory White; 2nd Charlie Miles; 3rd Jamie Skelly. Girls 9-11 sack race (a): 1st Zoe White; 2nd Holly Gaffney; 3rd Lily Cannon. Girls 9-11 sack race (b): 1st Zoe White; 2nd Rosie Peaty; 3rd Amy Bouache. Boys 9-11 sack race: 1st Calum Beattie; 2nd Kieron Hughes; 3rd Lewis Cockburn. Boys 11-16 sack race: 1st Shae O’Neill; 2nd Jay McGarva; 3rd Lewis Cockburn.

Under-5 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Calum & Wren Ferguson; 2nd Madison Elliot & Lucy Slater; 3rd Rosie & Kieron Brigg. 6-8 girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Josie Smith & Jojo Laidlaw; 2nd Maisie Bailey & Neve White; 3rd Mia Weatherston & Kyla Porteous. 6-8 boys wheelbarrow race: 1st Jamie Stewart & Jamie Skelly; 2nd Charlie Miles & Rory White; 3rd Mackenzie Elliot & Fergus Walker. 9-11 girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Holly Gaffney & Amy Bouache; 2nd Lulu Knuth & Olivia Stewart; 3rd Amelia Cessford & Zoe White. 11-16 Girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Madison Elliot & Jody Wade; 2nd Rosie Peatie & Katie Taylor; 3rd Amy Bouache & Georgia Laidlaw. Adults wheelbarrow race: 1st Scott & Greig Wight; 2nd Scott & Viv McDonald; 3rd Callum & Becky Smith.

Under-5 girls spoon race: 1st Rosie Briggs; 2nd Lucy Slater; 3rd Wren Ferguson. Under-5 boys spoon race: 1st Leon Scott; 2nd Leon Wilson; 3rd Hunter Horsely. 6-8 girls Spoon race: 1st Mia Weatherston; 2nd Josie Smith; 3rd Kyla Porteous. 6-8 boys Spoon race: 1st Rory White; 2nd Connor Slater; 3rd Kaden Cockburn. 9-11 girls Spoon race: 1st Amy Bouache; 2nd Amy Cessford; 3rd Lily Knuth. 9-11 boys Spoon race: 1st Sean Gaffney; 2nd Cameron Hyde; 3rd Kieron Hughes. 11-16 girls Spoon Race: 1st Georgia Laidlaw; 2nd Madison Elliot; 3rd Amy Bouache. 11-16 boys Spoon Race: 1st Sean Gaffney; 2nd Toby Niven; 3rd Shae O’Neill.

Adult tug o’war: Future Squad

Milestone Black Hill Race: Cup for overall winner: David Limmer. First woman: Charlotte Morgan. First male veteran (40+): Graham Murdoch. First female veteran (40+): Charlotte Morgan. First male Lauderdale Limper: Leah Parry. First female Lauderdale Limper: Chloe Summerfield. First Runner home from TD4: Neil Christie. First Jog-Earlston Man: Keith McCaa. First Jog-Earlston Woman: Lisa Dalgeish.

Milestone White Hill Race (ages 10-15): First Boy Home: Ewan Christie. First girl home: Isla Patterson

Duck race: First (£50): Hamish Oliver. Second (£30): Layton Hewie. Third (£20): John Ward (c/o Ivor Aitchison). Last home (£10): Hazel Walker.

Fancy Dress

Judges: Bill Byers, Sheena Byers, Tracy Ross (from Earlston Curling Club) Fiona Graham, Kevin Graham, Brian Turner (from Earlston Rhymers RFC).

Singles under 5 years: 1st Turfford Burn, Brandon Bellamy; 2nd Frosties, Fraser Nelson; 3rd= Tiger in the Jungle, Emily McCaskill and Pirate, George Swan

Singles 5-10 years: 1st Earlston’s Lost Scarecrow, McKenzie Elliot; 2nd Rubik’s Cube, Ezio Eneide; 3rd Cat in the Hat, Charlie James Miles. Groups up to 10 years (lead person named): 1st That’s not my …, Vivienne McDonald; 2nd Jurassic Park, Nathan Probyn Devenny; 3rd Earlston’s Baby Sharks, Michelle Whitake. Groups 11-16 years: 1st A Couple of Clowns, Elise Wood & Rosie Peaty. Adults with children: 1st Aladdin & 3 Wishes for Ercildoune, Fran Thom & company; 2nd Scare Wars, Lucy Marie McEvoy & Jim Cullen; 3rd Young and Auld Earlston, Papa Hugh Briggs & Rosie Briggs. Adult Singles: 1st Earlston’s Minder, Bob Austin; 2nd Too Many Scarecrows, David Lothian 3rd= Foxy Dingo, Rachel McKenzie, Earlston’s Worst Witch, Morag Sterrick. Adult Groups (lead person named): 1st Game on Thrones, Craig Bell; 2nd; Earlston Auld Masters, Black Bull; 3rd Earlston Auld Spice, George Cessford.

Sandy Blair Trophy (Best of all first-prize winners): Game on Thrones. Whitefield Cup (Best dressed singles 1 to 10): Earlston’s Lost Scarecrow. Committee Cup (Best singles & groups 11 to 16): A Couple of Clowns. Hazel Lyall Trophy (Most eye-catching in adult singles & groups): Earlston Auld Masters. Les Scott Trophy (Best in Groups up to 10 years): Jurassic Park. Joyce Ballantyne Trophy (Best adults with children): Aladdin & Three Wishes for Earlston.

Bowling Tournament, winning team: Callum Donaldson, Robert Beattie, Clark Turner, Eilidh Cockburn. 5-a-side football winning team (Cessford Shield): Melon FC. 5-a-side football (Youth) winning team: Jammie Dodgers. Car Treasure Hunt winners: The Edgers. Red Lion Trophy (Pool): Andy Biggar. Red Lion Trophy (Dominoes): Lee Watt. Red Lion Trophy (Darts): Stuart Bell. Civic Week Golf (at Lauder): Gents, Michael Scott, Ladies, Sheila Whiteford. Window Dressing (Movies theme): Lucky Finds. Quiz winners: Holy Moses - Rev Julie Rennick, Clare Milne, Graeme Cowe, Tom Burnham.

Pet show: Winner: Bella (Eilidh Cockburn). Dogs over 1 year: Indy (Elise Wood) Bitches over 1 year: Tilly (Eva Baxter). Special award: Ollie, (Bradley and Summer Chambers). Hamsters: Cookie, Eva Baxter.