Banks beats food poisoning and punctures to make it to Melrose

IT all looked so bleak on Thursday for fans of Iain Banks.

His appearance at the Borders Book Festival in the grounds of Harmony House in Melrose looked dead in the water as he was felled by food poisoning.

He recovered, but while running late on his way down to the Borders for a hastily re-arranged show, his car tyre blew.

He did, however, manage to make it with moments to spare – and even found time to fit in a chat with TheSouthern’s Kevin Janiak before his gig.

How does he do it? He’s completely manic, talks at a thousand miles an hour, and as such, is completely enthralling to listen to.

In his interview, which you can watch above by clicking on the video, he discusses the complete lack of writer’s block in his life, the cons of eating a dodgy curry and why he wasn’t a bit worried about giving people nightmares when writing The Wasp Factory.

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