St Boswells residents enjoy one of best Village Weeks ever

Harry and Katie Bell as Tom & Jerry at St Boswells fancy dress. St Boswells Fair.

Harry and Katie Bell as Tom & Jerry at St Boswells fancy dress. St Boswells Fair.

Organisers of last week’s St Boswells Village Week say this year’s programme of events has to rank as one of the best ever.

Despite the variable weather, which saw periods of warm summer sunshine interspersed with less welcome showers, everyone enjoyed a fantastic week of excellent entertainment with all of the St Boswells Village Week events being very well attended by both participants and spectators.

The village was decorated with bunting and was looking its best for the week-long programme of events and activities.

From coffee mornings and cream teas, guided walk and car treasure hunt, rounders, golf, tennis, quiz night, music at Boswells Live!, creative fancy dress, potted traditional sports and the village race – the list of entertainment went on and on.

A delighted Village Week Committee told The Southern this week: “Yet again another fantastic week, bringing together young and old, animals fur and feathered, whether people played sports, dressed up, performed on stage or just enjoyed the sunny interludes and the general atmosphere – this year’s Village Week ranks as one of the best that St Boswells has seen in many years.

“The committee would like to thank all the groups and organisations for the events and activities and to everyone who supported those events.”

Village Week results were as follows:

Fancy Dress (theme was cartoon characters)

Pre-School Singles – 1, Lewis Looker (Thomas the Tank Engine); 2, Lucy Dunn (In the Night Garden); 3, Ben Coulter (Super Ted).

Primary 1-3 Singles – 1, Aaron Malone (Sponge Bob Square Pants); 2, Harris Fox-Robertson (Mike the Knight and Galahad); 3, Kirsty Rankine (Minnie Mouse).

Primary 4-7 Singles – 1, Fletcher Falconer (Bugs Bunny); 2, Orla Folan (Cat in the Hat); 3, Dylan Mann (Spiderman).

Pairs – 1, Zac Williams & Jamie White (Noddy & Big Ears); 2, Daisy Cunningham & Emily Easson (Sponge Bob & Sandy); 3, Daniel Shakespeare & Matthew Valentine (Luigi & Mario).

Groups – 1, David, Sarah, Jordan, Emily, Sayde, Elyana and Tille McEwan and Nicola Ferrier (The Addams Family); Joint 2, Spencer, Pooee, Mimi & Panda Pitman and Simon, Louise, Ross and Melissa Taylor (Frozen); and Lexie Marshall, Amy and Rebecca Armstrong (Bill & Ben and Weed); 3, Carys, Jake & Junior Dalziel, Hannah & Robbie Cargill and Corin & Freya McKeown (The Flintstones).

Overall winner for the Shield – Zac Williams & Jamie White (Noddy & Big Ears).

Pet Show

Large Dogs – 1, Linda with Rusty; 2, Suzzane with Xena; 3, Oscar with Lucy.

Medium Dogs – 1, Myles with Millie; 2, David with Stroma; 3, Mimi with Lulu.

Small Dogs – 1, Pearl with Little Joe; 2, Ally with Tara; 3, Lewis with Sandy.

Fur Group – 1, Sandy with Bumble; 2, Orla with Rolo and Skittle; 3, Jemima with Yumi.

Feather Group – 1, Mimi with Carol and Colin; 2, Rosie and Mabel with Harriott and Petal .

Other Group –- 1, Naomi with Brooke.

Obedience/Agility – 1, Lucy and Katy with Bo.

Overall Winner - Pearl with Little Joe.

Quiz Night

Winning Team – The Jack Rabbits.

Car Treasure Hunt

1, The McDonalds; 2, The Townsends.

Prize for the additional car quiz – The McRaes.

Sunday Potted Sports

Under-8s – 1, Matthew McCrae; 2, Isaac Robertson; Joint 3, Daniel Anderson and Katie Bell.

8-11 – 1, Luke Townsend; 2, Panda Pitman; Joint 3, Christian Townsend and Jamie Francis.

12-15 – 1, Mimi Pitman; 2, Ryan Mann; Joint 3, Jamie McCulloch, Megan Easson and Jade McLeish.

Over-16s – 1, Jordan McEwan; 2=, Katie Francis and Spencer Pitman; 3, Sarah Clapperton.

St Boswells Village Race

Boys under 8 – 1, Matthew McCrae; 2, Harry Dalgleish; 3, Oliver Dalgleish.

Girls under 8 – 1, Kirsty Rankine; 2, Carys Dalziel; 3, Emily Tweddle.

Boys 8-11 – 1, William Taylor; 2, Gregor Collins; 3, Calum McGowan.

Girls 8-11 – 1, Orla Folan; 2, Katie Saunders; 3, Kate McCrae.

Boys 12-15 – 1, Andrew Smith; 2, Finlay Warner; 3, Ryan Mann.

Girls 12-15 – 1, Maisie Kidd; 2, Emma Oliver; 3, Ruth Drane.

Men 16-40 – 1, Russell Hunter; 2, Mark Breed; 3, Ruaridh Campbell.

Ladies 16-40 – 1, Siobhan Blacklock; 2nd Katie Francis; 3rd Kery McKeown.

Men 40+ – 1, Keith Farnish; 2, Fraser Rankine; 3, Gregor Townsend.

Ladies 40+ – 1, Claire Townsend; 2, Lisa Dalgleish; 3, Rachel Johnstone.

Overall Men’s Champion – Russell Hunter; overall Ladies Champion – Orla Folan.

Family Football –All teams played well and great fun was had by all those participating.




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