The sporting week ahead

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SELKIRK GAMES: Saturday, June 18 – at Philiphaugh (1.30pm).

HAMILTON TROPHY: Saturday, June 18 – Borders v West Fife at Abbeyview BC.

BORDER BOWLING LEAGUE: Wednesday June 22, Division One – Waverley v Ancrum; Kelso v Earlston; Abbotsford v Melrose; Wilton v Gala. Division Two - Buccleuch v Hawick; St Ronans v Peebles; Jedburgh v Selkirk; Lauder v Newtown. Division Three -–Gala B v Wilton B; Stow v Abbotsford B; Ettrick Forest v Kelso B; Hawick B v Waverley B.

BORDER CUP: Saturday, June 18 – Hawick v Melrose; Gala v Langholm; St Boswells v Kelso (1.30pm).

BORDER RESERVE LEAGUE: Sunday, June 19 – Berwick v Gala; Langholm v Selkirk; Kelso v Melrose; St Boswells v Manderston (1.30pm).

COLTS LEAGUE: Monday, June 20 – Borders Women v Gala; Kelso/Manderston v Biggar/Peebles; Hawick/Selkirk v St Boswells (6pm).

UNDER 13S LEAGUE: Wednesday, June 22 – Melrose v Gala; Selkirk v Manderston; St Boswells v Hawick; Biggar/Peebles v Kelso (6pm).

WADDELL CUP FINAL: Friday, June 17 – Leithen Rovers v West Barns Star at Stow (6.45pm).

SELKIRK COMMON RIDING RACING: Friday, June 17 – at Gala Rig (2pm).