Stewartry 10

Hawick YM 24


HAWICK YM’s winning run continued in Castle Douglas.

The first half saw a solitary Stewartry penalty and a great try by YM’s Chris Ritson.

But in the second, the Teries managed to bag three excellent tries through Craig Robson, Stephen Hill and Ryan Halliday, two of which were converted by Lee Armstrong and Ritson.

Stewartry scored a consolation try in the last minute.

Hawick YM: C. Ritson, S. Desport, S. McLeod, D. McCracken, G. Desport, L. Armstrong, G. Welsh; B. Lilly, G. Douglas, A. Turnbull, S. Mabon, L. Mallin, C. Robson, S. Hill, G. Cannon. Subs: R. Halliday, R. Taylor, F. Robb.