Terrific Teries get Cross

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Hawick & Wilton beat Holy Cross III by 195 runs


BATTING first, Hawick managed to score 220 runs, which remarkably was the first time they have scored more than 200 runs this season.

This was thanks to key knock from openers Gary Alexander and young Declan Solley. Alexander scored 52 and Solley 41.

This gave the Hawick innings a good platform for a big score.

The openers were ably supported throughout the innings by Allan Moffat and Stuart Hair.

In response, Holy Cross had no answer to the tight bowling of Stuart Hair and Neil Storey, who took a few wickets each. Others amongst the wickets for Hawick were Craig MacDougall, Ronan Alexander and Doug Bryant, as Holy Cross were all out for 25.

This was a good all-round performance from the Teries who were missing a few players.

Next up is a tough away trip to Largo and Hawick still require two wins to win the league and gain promotion.

Hawick & Wilton

G Alexander b A Mehmood 52

D Solley st M Nevin b C McGill 41

P Solley lbw b R Ellis 13

A Moffat b R Ellis 31

P MacTaggart b P Bailey 15

E Hair st M Nevin b C McGill 12

R Alexander b P Bailey 6

C MacDougall lbw b C McGill 5

S Hair not out 26

N Storey c R Ellis b P Bailey 7

D Bryant not out 0

Extras 1b 2lb 6w 3nb 12

TOTAL for 9 wkts (40 ovs) 220

Holy Cross III

P Bailey c P MacTaggart b N Storey 5

M Nevin c G Alexander b S Hair 1

W Lytle c A Moffat b C MacDougall 4

R Ellis run out (P MacTaggart) 0

A Mehmood c E Hair b C MacDougall 1

K Geddes b D Bryant 1

C McGill not out 10

M Brown caught & b D Bryant 0

B Soundharajam b R Alexander 0

M Baker run out (P Solley) 0

Extras 2w 2

TOTAL All out (18.4 ovs 25