Reivers beat allcomers

WHILE the end-of-season Bonspiel was going gently on at Kelso, the Reivers were taking all before them at Murrayfield Ice Rink in the seventh Murrayfield International involving Canadian, Italian, Swiss, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, and Czech rinks, as well as 17 assorted home teams, writes Alistair Lindsay.

Jimmy Green, David Kerr, Andy Adams and the incredible Cleggy (Bill Cleghorn) were the team, plus two unnamed Border Wheelies.

Changing skips in each game played, the Reivers were unbeaten throughout the entire competition, a glorious way to end the season indeed, and congratulations go to the Reivers, who performed somewhat better than the visitors the previous Wednesday when the Corstorphine friendly took place.

The home team won the event by the statutory single shot on some of Douglas Baxter’s poorer ice.

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