Mugdock marvels

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NINE intrepid Ettrick Forest Archers braved the wicked winds of Mugdock Country Park at the weekend to take park in the first British Longbow Society clout shoot of the season.

And although the tricky conditions meant scores were down on average, the Borderers recorded one of their best results on the road.

First to beat the elements was Alan Lindsay, who scored the first competition clout of the season on the difficult-to-reach ‘long’ end.

And when the scores were counted up, Martin Stillie had worked his way to the top of the tree, winning the double clout round as well as beating his dad Jimmy in the best ends shoot-off by four inches.

Another Souter shooter, Mike Pearson, took the top score in the first round and Cumbria’s Alan Beatty claimed the second round.

And in the ladies’ competition, Elaine Pearson surprised herself by winning the double clout round and the best ends shoot-off despite having an off-day with the bow – well, an off-day for her.

Highland’s Barbara Campbell took the first round, while Sandra Russell of host club Green Hollow Bowmen won the second.

Clouts were few and far between, but the Borderers did well with Martin Stillie hitting one and Lindsay grabbing another to go with his first. For once, ladies’ clouts were even rarer, with the host club’s Annette McAlliden nabbing the only one of the day.

Ettrick Forest Archers’ scores: Gents’ 180yd double clout round – 1, Martin Stillie 33 hits, 80 score, 1 clout; 4, Mike Pearson 29, 74, 0; 6, Alan Lindsay 24, 55, 2; 9, Kevin Janiak 21, 47, 0; 10, Jimmy Stillie 18, 42, 0; 11, Alan Walker 18, 40, 0; 14, Frank Brown 12, 26, 0; 15, Jim Craig 12, 25, 0.

Ladies’ 120yd double clout round: 1, Elaine Pearson 47, 105, 0.

z Meanwhile, the archers are holding a come-and-try at the Waterwheel Cafe, Philiphaugh, Selkirk, on Sunday from 1-4pm – the perfect Mothers’ Day outing.

The whole family can have a go and the archers will be on hand to offer expert advice. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For more information, call 01750 23660, or visit