Borderers help England oust Dordi on way to gold

THE name of Dordi Nordby may not mean much to non-curlers, but since 1982 she has been appearing with Norway at the World Championships and she has had more wins there than anyone else.

This year, however, she was in the B League of the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships (held at Fussen in Germany) and was beaten in the semi-final by an English womens’ rink containing three Borders curlers.

Joan Reed – on her 11th European challenge – left the younger players to run the show, played at lead, and gave sound advice.

Kent-based Claire Grimwood was second, Caroline Reed played third, and Kirsty Balfour from Melrose – now a radiographer in Newcastle – skipped the team.

After wins over Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia and Croatia, they faced Norway in the semi-final. There were two measures on Kirsty’s last stone before England were declared 5-4 winners. The afternoon final against the experienced Dutch was an 8-6 win, and England had the gold.

Other results at Fussen included a gold medal for Ireland’s men in the B division, and Scottish gold for David Murdoch’s men and Kelly Wood’s women in the A league.

The competition now has 54 teams from 34 countries all around Europe, and will be held in Aberdeen in two year’s time.