Tributes to the late Duke of Buccleuch

I had occasion twice to write to the Duke of Buccleuch.

First, to thank him for the marvellous walking facilities that his land provided for the public. Secondly, to thank him for his support for a local cause. They were both very small issues. However, in each case, within a week I received a hand-written letter from him.

For a man of his stature and responsibility to bother to do this was remarkable – the height of good manners and indeed a token of how he cared. No wonder that he was so loved in the Borders.

Deborah Bohn

Roberton Schoolhouse


I was sad at the passing of the Duke of Buccleuch.

I once had cause to write to him regarding one of his foxhounds found straying on the road, and at the same time expressed my own views on foxhunting.

He wrote a personal note back in his own handwriting and signed by him, thanking me “for the courteous way in which you expressed your feelings on foxhunting” (although they were different from his).

Not only a grand and very rich man, but a true gentleman.