Misguided on music

This morning I was horrified to hear modern English music being played in the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Jedburgh.

As an Englishwoman, I have enjoyed visiting the store before and listening to good Scottish music of all kinds. What on earth has made them change?

Ninety per cent of their customers would be over 60. The person in charge said management had instructed them they must “modernise”. How misguided management must be!

If I want to listen to cats screaming, there are plenty of other shops to visit. I don’t. I want to shop in peace.

Do they really think thay can attract younger customers in with their older style clothes? No, they are simply going to drive their present eustomers out.

Here is one who was driven out today, and I won’t return until they return to common sense. I say this with sadness because we have always found the staff so cheerful, helpful and kind.

Jean Cunningham